Linux training : how can I learn Linux for free for beginners ?

For those interested in computers, science and tech, learning how applications run is important. Behind all these tech activities is an operating system that enables it to work with hardware. Linux remains one of the best OS software which works with multiple applications because it has many versatile features accessible on PC and mobile devices. Are you interested in learning Linux? Read on for more information.

What is the Linux OS?

Linux is a software which many OS like Ubuntu and Arc Linux are developed with. It is an open-source tool that makes it easy to access and learn about the kernel.

What can the Linux Operating system be used for?

Linux is an algorithm that makes every other application on your system or smart device work easily. Like all operating systems, it bridges the gap between normal programs like word processors and the hardware.

Linux operation comes in many versions, and the Ubuntu is a common one. Aside from Linux, other popular operating systems are macOS and Windows.

Linus is commonly used for robotics, system applications, and various technical tasks. It can even power several android operating systems. With the total number of Android reaching billions globally, Linux is a global brand.

Why it is interesting to train for Linux?

When it comes to learning about online IT and other useful certifications, Linux is an excellent suggestion. Learning Linux is considered good for many reasons.

linux training


Linux can be found everywhere. Most of all top tech devices and companies used Linux-based applications. It is more preferred over other OS because most of the world’s Internet structure runs on Linux.

You can even use this software with all your devices immediately. Linux is also revered as the fastest OS around, as it beats Windows in all activities. Beginners who wish to learn Linux will be glad they did, as it opens many doors.

Open source

Another reason why you need to learn Linus is that it offers an open-source platform. This opens a window for those who wish to learn Linus and make modifications. Today, all open source software like Linux offers unlimited value to everybody.


When compared to other operating systems like macOS and Windows, Linux is a highly secured open source software. This means your information and data are safe. You are also less exposed to Trojans and viruses.

Great tool for programmers

Those interested in learning to become a programmer will love this tool. You can also access programming functions and libraries easily. Linux is ideal for those who want to become developers and want to learn about the ITSM process.

What are the Objectives of learning Linux

The objectives of learning Linux depend on what your aim for taking the courses is. Here are the basic aims :

The Structure of Linux OS

The first thing you need to learn about Linux operating systems is the structure. Beginners should first familiarize themselves with the primary components of Linux, how it works and how the components are integrated.

Some topics that talk about the Linux structure are:

  • Kernel
  • Graphical server
  • bootloader
  • ```

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File system Navigation

After the structure, another objective of learning Linux is how you can move around the file system. To learn this easily, you will need to know about command lines. Command lines are tools that allow you to interact with other computers using a terminal. Important commands to learn include:

  • PWD
  • CD
  • Is
  • Mkdir
  • Nano
  • Touch
  • ```

Changing the file systems

If you want to be an expert in Linux, you will also need to learn how you can change the information in the file system. Learn how to edit, move and delete using wildcards.

You also need to learn how to customize your environment, how to launch Linux, and about Jew terminal sessions. Here are some topics that could help you configure your environment effectively :

  • Aliases
  • Bash
  • Profiles
  • HOME
  • PATH
  • ENV Environmental variables
  • ```

Shell Scripting

When we talk about Shell or bash scripting, this allows you to automate your projects and merge commands into a single file.

Top 5 of the trainings to learn Linux

If you are interested in learning Linux and wish to become a professional, here are some topics and courses you should take :

Learn Linux in 5 Days and level up your career

This is a nice Linux course you can start today at Udemy. It is one of the best Linux courses as it covers a variety of topics including Linux commands and interesting concepts about the OS.

If you know nothing about Linux and want a course that will help you, this could come in handy. It starts with history and teaches you how to install it.

Open source software, development, Linux and Git specialization

This is a top Linux course you can take on Coursera. It is suitable for both professionals and novices. Those who aren’t familiar with the Open source world need to learn how you can create projects using open source projects. This is a great course, you can take it free on Coursera.

Linux Administration Bootcamp: Go from Beginner to Advanced

This Linux course is available at Udemy and is great for IT experts and beginners. If you are interested in becoming a Linux administrator or instructor, this is a course you would love.

Getting started with Linux

When seeking to learn about a course that takes you from being a beginner to an advanced level of Linux, you could enroll for this course at Pluralsight.

You can start this course by installing the Linux OS system on your device to install the software. You will be introduced to the server version, where you can install it on the apache version.

Linux Mastery: Master the Linux command line in 11.5

This is a Linux command line course beginners can take easily on Udemy. It is a detailed Linux course that starts from scratch and levels up on all the fundamentals of Linux.

Linux remains a simple operating system to use and install on all your devices. If you want to learn about Linux, some good courses are ideal for beginners.