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CenterIM5 is very similar to the previous version, therefore there should not be many troubles with switching to it. However there are some things that work slightly differently in CenterIM5 than they did in CenterIM4. This page discusses them.

Using CenterIM4 and CenterIM5 together

While transitioning to CenterIM5, it is completely safe to keep using also the old version. No binary or data files are shared between the two versions. CenterIM5 stores its configuration files in the ~/.centerim5/ directory.

One escape

CenterIM5 no longer uses the double Esc bind. It does not seem to be really necessary these days so it was dropped in the new version.

Note that users of GNU Screen might want to decrease a value of the inter-character timer for input sequence detection in order to make a response to Esc key press more faster.

For example, to reduce the timeout value to 20 ms, the following line can be put in the screen configuration file:

maptimeout 20


To effectively use CenterIM5, it is important to not follow a usage scenario that involves regular closing and opening of conversations when communicating with two or more people at once. This was typical for many CenterIM4 users but it does not work well in CenterIM5. Instead, the conversations should be left open and the user should alternate between them.

Conversation history files

CenterIM5 history files are backward compatible with CenterIM4. However there is not yet a tool for moving old history files into their new locations. The old files have to be first converted to the UTF-8 encoding and then placed in an appropriate place inside the ~/.centerim5/clogs/ directory.

The next example shows how to transfer a conversation history file with an ICQ user. A local user account is identified by the number 244613196. An account of the remote friend is identified by the number 580389001. The original history file can be found at ~/.centerim/580389001/history. The first command creates a directory where the converted history file will be stored. The second command does a conversion of the history file from the CP1250 encoding to the UTF-8 encoding. The resulting file is stored at ~/.centerim5/clogs/ICQ/244613196/580389001.

mkdir -p ~/.centerim5/clogs/ICQ/244613196/
iconv -f cp1250 -t utf-8 -o ~/.centerim5/clogs/ICQ/244613196/580389001 ~/.centerim/580389001/history

Generally speaking, an original history file stored at ~/.centerim/${PROTOCOL_PREFIX}${REMOTE_USER_ID}/history has to be moved to ~/.centerim5/clogs/${PROTOCOL_ID}/${LOCAL_USER_ACCOUNT_ID}/${REMOTE_USER_ID}.