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Please remember to report all bugs and wishes to the bugtracker on (

For having a better overview who is requesting which feature, and to be able to ask for feedback, it would be great if you might finish your entries like:

 * Added by <br> -- ~~~~

where the <br> makes a line feed in the list item, the -- marks the author and ~~~~ puts your name and the current date in it.

Wish list

  • UTF-8 support
  • Protocol libraries update
  • An indicator if someone on your contact list is listed on the ignore list
  • Sort contact list dynamically based on user selection (location, distance, status)
  • Add libnotify support
  • Making the MSN version string configurable
  • Setting window sizes using percentages -- Unknown 12:55, 7 May 2007 (CEST)
  • Use/update original libicq2000
  • file transfers (may be included in the point above)
  • avatar download (for viewing with extern programs)
  • more compact and better readable logs
  • set encoding for each contact, Jayjay: Why? UTF-8 will do isn't it?
  • chceck mail via pop3(s)/imap(s) protocol
  • Automatically set ANY status when screen is detached (away,invisible,....)
  • OTR support
  • Modularize the code. For example a should not implement history functionality without being coupled with code in other modules. That should be tied together elsewhere. The current implementation is tightly coupled with the GUI code. Preferably it should also use a replaceable backend like "" or "". Many of the other tasks here is simplified a lot if this is done. It also simplifies integration with API:s like Pidgin and Akonadi.
  • better log viewer: scrollable from normal chat, separate space for normal


  • keybinding to start a configurable external log viewer, with configurable log

formant conversion.

  • multiple instances, with automatic server and client instances.
  • command line in the TUI.

Current bugs

  • can't configure/compile with these protocols disabled: Jabber, GaduGadu, Yahoo, IRC (e.g. --disable-yahoo --disable-irc --disable-jabber --disable-gg) (approved on FreeBSD by Frank)
  • Jabber protocol won't connect to (more investigation needed) -- AMDmi3
  • IRC queries (private messages) don't seem to arrive (checked between "racoon" and "unknown" on freenode)
  • 12 byte memory leak in libmsn (notificationserver.cpp:504)
  • very poor/not existing support for some native functions (file transfers, avatars etc.)

Solved stuff

  • Can configure/compile with these protocols disabled: Jabber, GaduGadu, Yahoo, AIM, LiveJournal, IRC (e.g. --disable-yahoo --disable-aim --disable-irc --disable-jabber --disable-gg --disable-rss --disable-lj) Only ICQ and MSN are enabled this way. (discovered by Jayjay)
  • Rewrite AUTHORS, THANKS, TODO, README, FAQ, man pages - (by Jayjay)
  • Replace any occurance of and, and remove or rename to Done, it is currently in the mob branch --Jayjay 21:11, 22 April 2007 (CEST).
  • Jabber protocol doesn't talk with GMail talk server - no reason found so far -- Frank
    This has been fixed in the mob branch. -- unknown

Code cleanup

  • Remove those horrible switch statements for emacs bindings
  • Turn the 'conf' object into a singleton (
  • Merge/add the 'icqgroups' object into/to the conf object (
  • Use static, null terminated arrays to initialize menus (, icqface::generalmenu()) This is to make future menu changes easier. Also we could move to configurable menu's this way.
  • Rewrite Changelog

Other tasks