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This page contains a list of frequently asked questions about CenterIM5. For questions related to CenterIM4, see the CenterIM4 FAQ.

Important notice: Did we miss anything? Please report it to us at our mailing list, and we will be happy to include your question (and the answer, of course) at this page.

I joined the IRC channel, but no one answered my question. What do I do now?

The developers of CenterIM are busy people which are unable to watch the channel 24/7. Be patient, and someone will lend a hand when they can. Otherwise, if there's no answer to you (which might happen, since we're all only volunteers on this project, and have mostly other work to finance our living), you may want to subscribe to one of our mailing lists, and ask your question there.

What about implementing such a neat <blah-blah> feature in CenterIM5?

You can note your suggestions on the wishlist page. However there are no promises that any feature listed will actually be implemented.

CenterIM is open source software, so feel free to contribute. We're always looking for other people who can help.

Where did the original CenterIM4 FAQ go?

It has been moved to an archive page since a lot of the answers there are relevant only to CenterIM4.

How do I configure a Google Talk account?

Add a new account in the account window, select that this account should use the XMPP protocol. If your GTalk name is, for example,, set the user name to and the domain to Finally, enable the account and read messages about the connection progress in the log window.